Sprinkler Seasonal Maintenance - Spring & Winter

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The Importance of Seasonal Sprinkler Maintenance

For South Denver residents, in-ground sprinkler maintenance is vital to prevent costly damage from bursting pipes. Water trapped in sprinkler pipes during our freezing months can wreak havoc that costs far more than essential in-ground sprinkler maintenance, not to mention the damage it can cause to your yard. It's a hassle that's easy to avoid.

Rely on our expert sprinkler technicians at Mile High Sprinkler & Landscaping to perform seasonal sprinkler maintenance for your property.


Sprinkler Winterization & Spring Startup

Before the first freeze of the year, we'll come to your property to winterize your in-ground sprinkler system. This service includes flushing all water from the system to ensure that your sprinkler system does not freeze or crack during cold spells. 

If you're wondering when to turn on the sprinkler system in spring, trust our team to take care of it for you. We'll come back to your property in April or May to prepare your system for summer. 

When to Schedule Sprinkler Maintenance

"Setting and forgetting" your in-ground sprinkler system is a recipe for disaster. Sprinkler systems can freeze and thaw throughout the winter due to varying temperatures. If your system still has water in it, freezing temperature can cause your pipes to freeze and break.

To keep your sprinkler in the best possible shape, schedule maintenance during the following times:

  • At the beginning of spring
  • Before the first freeze
  • In July or August (mid-season check-up)
  • Whenever you experience issues with your in-ground sprinkler system

3 Steps to Sprinkler Seasonal Maintenance

Schedule Your Service

Call our team or fill out our contact form to request a seasonal maintenance service. We'll be in touch shortly to find a time that works for your schedule. 

Receive Expert Maintenance Solutions

We can service your sprinkler systems whether you're home or not. Our maintenance appointments take about an hour and include inspections, minor adjustments, and season-specific preparations. 

Enjoy Ongoing Sprinkler System Maintenance

When you schedule maintenance with our team, you'll have the option to pre-schedule your next maintenance appointment. You won't have to remember to winterize your sprinkler system or get it ready for spring — we'll take care of the whole process for you. 


Trust Our Experienced Sprinkler Technicians

Not every landscaping company has the experience, tools, and skills necessary to service in-ground sprinkler systems. These systems are highly complex and require specialized techniques to maintain. 

At Mile High Sprinkler & Landscaping, we bring 38 years of experience to every service appointment. You can feel confident that we'll provide the professional, reliable services you need to keep your sprinkler system working as it should for years to come. 

Happy Clients


Ingraham is fantastic! They always show up on time, communicate extremely well, and are very responsive. Best company I've found in 21 years to help with the lawn and sprinklers, period!


Quality work as well as great customer service. Their technicians are highly educated about the products and services offered. Definitely a GO TO company!


We’ve used them for 10+ years. They have had some of the same employees that long and they’ve always been reliable, and professional. Their repairs last, and they carefully direct the sprinklers at the beginning of each season. They always show up. Prices seem reasonable for their reliability, their experienced staff, and the quality of their work.

We'll Get Your In-Ground Sprinkler Ready for Every Season

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